About Me

Yo! My name is Rami, and I am a photographer and filmmaker, though I mainly focus on the former. Growing up, I have always loved to create and experiment with different mediums of art, and my recent discovery of photography truly fed that passion. I love to experiment with different facets of photography, like portrait, landscape, and abstract photography. I love photography because it is an amazing way to capture different perspectives and highlight interesting and complex ideas, even if it is something we see every day.

I really like to watch films and shows, and I especially love watching how they were made/the process it took to create them. Other than film and photography, I really enjoy rock climbing! I am the team captain of a competitive rock climbing team, as well as a coach for the younger team! I also set bouldering routes for fun at my local climbing gym, which is a super cool creative outlet for me in the realm of climbing!